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Geography Picnic 2009!

The Geography Department celebrated the end of a successful Spring Semester with a picnic in Linnaeus Arboretum.

Global Environmental Change Meeting

Dr. Anna Versluis presented a paper at the 2009 meeting of the International Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change in Bonn, Germany. The meeting is a gathering of geographers, political scientists, anthropologists and other social scientists who are studying global environmental change and its ramifications.

Glacial landforms in Minnesota

A group of GEG-105 students visited Glacial Lakes State Park in west-central Minnesota this week. The park showcases some lovely glacial depositional landforms–kames, kettles,  and eskers–all created when the last glacier of the Pleistocene Ice Age retreated about 11,000 years ago.

Water Resources Class Gets a Behind the Scenes Look at Rapidan Dam

The GEG-243 class enjoyed a beautiful day out on the Blue Earth River and learned about issues in river management. The Rapidan Dam is 99 years old, has 70 feet of vertical drop, and an average flow of 840 cubic feet per second. While it continues to generate enough electricity for 2,000 to 3,000 homes, […]