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Dr. Anna Versluis offers Perspectives on Earthquake Disaster

In an interview published in USA Today, Dr. Anna Versluis of the Gustavus Geography Department discussed the complications of poor infrastructure in the recovery efforts . Read the full article at Please consider giving to the relief efforts. Dr. Versluis recommended a number of highly reputable organizations working in Haiti in her January 14 […]

Destruction following Haiti’s earthquake: before and after satellite images

I lived in Port-au-Prince for a number of years, and continue to do research in Haiti. Many of my friends are victims of the earthquake. Please consider giving to help Haiti’s recovery from the earthquake. Many organizations are sending assistance to Haiti. The two organizations I worked with in Haiti are accepting donations for the […]

Correlation of Noodles and Chipotle Locations: A Coincidence? We Think Not.

Have you ever noticed that where there is a Noodles restaurant, there is almost always a Chipotle restaurant close by? Is this a coincidence, or a planned tactic for these two restaurant chains in Minnesota? Students Aubrey Austin and Amy Gosewisch were very intrigued by this question and wanted to explore it using GIS. The […]