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Household choices and nutrient cycling in the Twin Cities

Just like water cycles from the atmosphere to soil to groundwater, living creatures, streams, and the ocean, we can follow the cycles of other nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Carbon, for instance, is found in all living things (carbohydrates, for example) as well as in methane and carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere, in […]

Geography Makes You Smart

British neuroscientists have shown that the brains of taxi drivers grow when they study for their taxi license exam. To be licensed to drive the classic black London cabs, cabbies have to pass a test demonstrating knowledge of the complex network of 25,000 winding streets and 20,000 landmarks in central London. The recent study showed […]

Interactive map of US migration

Have you moved recently? Check out this map showing net migration between all U.S. counties for recent years. According to the map, in 2009 Nicollet County gained more people than they lost via migration. Nicollet County gained 77 from Hennepin County in 2009, but lost 127 people to Hennepin County in the same year.

Geographers at Gustavus

It’s Geography Awareness Week, so let me present the current faculty teaching in the Geography department at Gustavus. Below I give a brief description of our research specialties–a sampling of the types of questions that interest geographers. Prof. Ruth Baker studies snow: What are the historical patterns of snowfall in the Upper Midwest?  How is […]

Geography Awareness Week

  Congratulations to Amy Hughes for winning the raffle-trivia contest on Tuesday! Trivia questions and answers: 1. Which US state has the biggest dairy industry? (California) 2. The Earth is closest to the Sun in what month? (January) 3. The peak global population growth ever reached occurred during which decade? (1960s) 4. Turfgrass can be […]

What can you do with a Geography degree?

It’s Geography Awareness Week! So what can you do with a degree in Geography? Geography provides a broad base that allows graduates to work in diverse fields in education, government, business, research, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Here are some examples of careers for geographers: natural hazards analyst urban planner geographic information scientist soil scientist community […]

Patrick’s trivia for Geography

      Come out to Patrick’s tonight for Geography trivia! Patrick’s On Third is sponsoring several rounds of trivia in support of Geography Awareness Week. When? Tonight, 7-9:00 pm Where: Patrick’s On Third, 125 S Third St, Saint Peter See you there!

Dixieland Band: The Floodplain Four, today at 12:30

In honor of Geography Awareness Week, come hear Geography Prof. Bob Douglas play with his band, the Floodplain Four! Live in the Gustavus Campus Center starting at 12:30 pm today, Tuesday, November 15.

It’s Geography Awareness Week! What IS Geography?

  We’re celebrating Geography Awareness Week at Gustavus! So what is Geography and what do Geographers study? Geography is a lot more than identifying capitals and countries on maps! Geographers study places, global change, and human-environment interactions in order to develop a broad, integrated understanding of the earth as the home of humanity. Geographers bridge […]

Who has the world’s best subway system?

Moscow, according to Gustavus Geography Professor Thomas Sigler. Why? Check out Prof. Sigler’s essay on Moscow’s publicly-owned metro published this week on The Atlantic’s website!