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Geography Major Melissa Wygant attends Natural Hazards Workshop

Geography Major Melissa Wygant attended a national conference on risks and hazards in Colorado this week. She writes: The 36th Annual Natural Hazards Workshop held in Broomfield, Colorado, is a wonderful opportunity to network with students, educators and professionals who work in various sectors related to natural hazards. It has been a great opportunity to […]

Geographical Mysteries: Washington State Coastline

Take a closer look at this map from Something strange is happening north of Blaine, Washington. The land seems to… well, it just drops off rather abruptly into the Pacific Ocean. And it all seems suspiciously rectilinear. Plus, off to the west, there lies an unnamed island with a northern border that also displays […]

Satellite Image Curiosities Part II

2.5 miles SSE of Faunce, Minnesota is another landscape curiosity only visible from the air.

Satellite Image Curiosities

Type the following into your web browser: “Thirteen Lake, Kroschel, MN 55072” and zoom into the west side of Thirteen Lake. Gustavus geography graduate Eric Foss’ father is a surveyor with a love for Minnesota and an eye for life size cartography. It looks even crisper on aerial photography.