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Twin Cities household sources of nitrogen. Like the water cycle and the carbon cycle, humans have completely transformed the nitrogen cycle, especially through our use of fertilizers. These changes to the nitrogen cycle have led to some undesirable impacts, like algea blooms in lakes, smog, acid rain, and climate change. 

Household choices and nutrient cycling in the Twin Cities

Just like water cycles from the atmosphere to soil to groundwater, living creatures, streams, and the ocean, we can follow the cycles of other nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Carbon, for instance, is found in all living things (carbohydrates, for example) as well as in methane and carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere, in […]

A portion of the street network a London cabbie must memorize. 

Geography Makes You Smart

British neuroscientists have shown that the brains of taxi drivers grow when they study for their taxi license exam. To be licensed to drive the classic black London cabs, cabbies have to pass a test demonstrating knowledge of the complex network of 25,000 winding streets and 20,000 landmarks in central London. The recent study showed […]