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2013 Geography Photo Contest

The Department of Geography is pleased to announce their 2013 photo contest.  The contest is open to any current student, faculty, or staff at Gustavus Adolphus College.  This year, the photo contest will include three categories (natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, and people’s choice).  Each entry will consist of an entry form and a single image […]

Hip to Be Square? Maybe Not!

The advent of multi-touch displays, such as those found in iPads, has radically transformed the way we interface with spatial data. But as David Daw of PC World suggested, they are just “way too square”. For geographers, the idea of forcing a round (oblate) world onto a flat surface is nothing new. However, after centuries […]

Beware the Ides of October

Transition months can be deadly! For those who suffer from weathermania, the months of October and March are of particular interest as it is during this period that we typically transition from autumn to winter and winter to spring respectively.  One such transition period, October of 1991, saw trick-or-treaters in Minnesota slog through 8 inches […]

New and Improved with Dual-Pol!

I inherited weather mania from my father, and unless you also suffer from weather mania, you may not have noticed that on August 6th, the National Weather Service Doppler radar site in the Twin Cities was upgraded.  As part of their “Weather-Ready Nation Program”, a NWS initiative to build community resilience, the existing WSR-88D Doppler […]