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Geocaching in the Arb: This Saturday

Introduction to Geocaching will be held 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9 at the Linnaeus Arboretum, Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. GPS Geocaching is like a fun, technology-based outdoor treasure hunt. If you’ve never tried geocaching before, this is your chance. We’ll have several GPS units on-hand you can borrow and we’ll teach you […]

Geography student completes GIS internship for engineering firm

Geography and Environmental Studies major Meg Wika (’14) spent this past summer working for Barr Engineering in Minneapolis as a GIS intern. Her internship is currently being featured on the Gustavus homepage here.

An island disappears from GoogleEarth

Jura, a small island off the Atlantic coast of Scotland with a population less than 200, disappeared from GoogleEarth in early July 2013. Instead of showing the 144-square-mile island, GoogleEarth depicts Jura’s single road running through the ocean. The loss of the island is not due to sea level rise but a glitch in digital […]

Online cartography class enrolls nearly 30,000

Geography Professor Anthony Robinson of Penn State is offering an online digital cartography course called Maps and the Geospatial Revolution. Nearly 30,000 have enrolled. Wired.com recently featured Dr. Robinson and his course in an interview here. Robinson says “I started my undergraduate education as an electrical engineering major. Then I just randomly took a human […]

An Islamic Google Earth?

The U.K. Guardian newspaper recently reported that Iran’s minister for communication and technology announced that their country will release an Islamic version of Google Earth by August 2013. Iran has long maintained that Google Earth is a tool of western spy agencies. The concept of an Islamic Google Earth contrasts with the common view of […]

Timelapse: Land transformation videos

  These land change time-lapse series from Time Magazine and GoogleEarth are making the internet rounds. It’s fun to see land use and land cover change be so popular! Remote sensors: can you find the Landsat ETM+ SLC-off years?

Interactive Map of Mobile Calls and Texts

How are people connected to other locations via phone calls and texts? Here’s a great map showing where mobile calls and texts originate and are sent in the United States: http://senseable.mit.edu/csa/interact.html. Where do most of your calls and texts go to?

GIS: Changing History One Map at a Time

A recent article at Smithsonian.com, highlights Anne Knowles, professor of Geography at Middlebury College, and how she uses Geographic Information Science (systems) to literally make history come alive.  In the process, she challenges long-standing academic views of noteworthy historical events by “putting place at the center of history.”  Take for example the often-questioned decision by […]

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America 2013

The 2013 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America (FOSS4G-NA) conference will be be held May 22-24 in Minneapolis, MN. Two of the keynote speakers are: Eric Gundersen, CEO, MapBox.  With big names converting from Google Maps to MapBox (USA Today, Foursquare, etc.), Eric will be discussing the business proposition/value of open source […]

Hip to Be Square? Maybe Not!

The advent of multi-touch displays, such as those found in iPads, has radically transformed the way we interface with spatial data. But as David Daw of PC World suggested, they are just “way too square”. For geographers, the idea of forcing a round (oblate) world onto a flat surface is nothing new. However, after centuries […]