Kasota Prairie in spring

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"The essential feature of the prairie is its horizon, which you can neither walk to nor touch. It is like the horizon of the sea." (Paul Gruchow in Journal of a Prairie Year)

The Geography 105 class took at field trip to Kasota Prairie on April 13 to study the geologic history of the area. We also saw a lot of wildlife: turkeys, deer, turtles, numerous birds, and a big nest of (carpenter?) ants.

The lovely pasque flower was in bloom. . .

. . . As was the prairie buttercup.

Turtles were out sunning themselves after a long, cold winter.

A really big and busy ant hill.

A juniper wedges its roots into a block of dolomite.


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  1. Allen Windhorn says:

    Great pictures (now wallpaper, thanks!).