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Honored alum has good memories of Prof. Douglas

In a recent Gustavus feature, alumnus Mark Elfstrom (class of 2001), who recently was awarded the prestigious Milken Educator Award for his work as a science and math teacher, fondly recalls Geography Professor Bob Douglas: “Before I knew I was going into education, my adviser was Bob Douglas (Professor of Geography),” Elfstrom said. “I had […]

Alleys Full of Houses in Vancouver

In the more desirable neighborhoods of Vancouver, the alleys are lined with little houses. Technically called “laneway houses” (Canadians use the term “lane” rather than “alley”), they are part of Vancouver’s eco-density and affordable housing strategies. Eco-density is the idea that higher density cities support transit use and a smaller per capita ecological footprint. In […]

Linnaeus Arboretum’s Borgeson Cabin

Twinflower Fall 2011 The latest edition of Twinflower, the newsletter of Linnaeus Arboretum, features a front-page article by Geography Professor Bob Douglas on the Borgeson family log cabin in the Arboretum. The cabin, originally located near Norseland, Minnesota, is a beautiful example of a traditional Swedish log house translated onto the Minnesota prairie by early […]

A note from Tong, studying in Norway

Geography Major Tong Thao is studying in Norway this semester. He writes: Studying in Oslo is great. The public transportation systems are simple to understand and are, overall, time efficient. The Oslo experience is just like any other big city: bright lights and lots of people. During one of our breaks I had the opportunity […]

The Shrinking Worlds of Youth

The British newspaper The Daily Mail has an article about how the rise of traffic and fears for safety have shrunk the area in which children are allowed to roam on their own. See the differences between generations on the map. One interviewee wonders whether the rise in standard of living hasn’t been offset by […]

A note from Emery, in the D.R.

Geography Major Emery Ellingson is studying in the Dominican Republic this semester. He writes: I had the opportunity to visit Constanza last weekend and for the first time here in the Dominican Republic, I actually had a reason to wear the sweatshirt that I threw in my suitcase at the last minute.  This is because […]