A note from Tong, studying in Norway

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Geography Major Tong Thao is studying in Norway this semester. He writes:

Beautiful valley, but a cloudy day

Studying in Oslo is great. The public transportation systems are simple to understand and are, overall, time efficient. The Oslo experience is just like any other big city: bright lights and lots of people. During one of our breaks I had the opportunity to travel with a friend up to Bergen.  The train ride was an experience of its own; it was incredibly beautiful and showed why Norwegians love their country. But the highlight was Bergen. Nestled between 7 mountains, everywhere you turn you are surrounded by mountains.  My friend knew a person who had free cable car rides to the top of Mount Ulriken, which is taller than the Eiffel Tower.  It was a beautiful experience standing on top of the world and watching the clouds fly by at eye level.  We also took the Norway in a Nut Shell fjord tour and got to ride on a boat through the fjords and to take the highest elevated railway in Europe.  But what I have experienced cannot be put into words and the pictures attached can do no justice to how it felt to be there.

On a boat in a fjord

On top of Mount Ulriken

Interested in learning more about Tong’s travels? He keeps a blog at http://cice.blog.gustavus.edu/author/tthao2/.


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