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Save the Date: MUGS, April 23, 2022 – Hosted by the Geography Department at Gustavus Adolphus College

The Geography Department at Gustavus Adolphus College welcomes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the college to attend the 2022 Minnesota Undergraduate Geography Symposium (MUGS) on Saturday, April 23 at the renovated Nobel Hall of Science. This great event seeks to celebrate the creative work of geography students across the region. Papers, posters, and […]

“Why Geography” Series Presents: Luke Zaruba ’21

1. Why did you choose to major in Geography? When I came to Gustavus, I had no intention of becoming a geography major and had no idea what it could even be useful for. During my second semester, I took World Geography and instantly knew that geography was something that I was interested in and […]

“Why Geography” Series Presents: Alicia Johnson ’21

1. Why did you choose to major in Geography? Geography was an easy major to pick because the department and all it’s courses encompass, in my opinion, the most interesting things one can study. It’s a blend of natural sciences and human sciences and what we learn and how we learn are arguably parts of […]

“Why Geography” Series Presents: Emily Schneider ’21

1. Why did you choose to major in Geography? I was in my sophomore year, and I was finishing up taking the rest of my gen-eds, and I hadn’t found anything I was remotely interested in. Then, I took World Geography with Jesse McClelland, and I knew that geography was for me! I love the […]

“Why Geography” Series Presents: James Miller ’21

1. Why did you choose to major in Geography? I chose to major in geography almost immediately after taking Environment and Society which was my first class in the department. I really value the social-scientific, justice oriented approach that geography offers, and I was interested in learning more about human-environment interactions. 2. To what extent […]

“Why Geography” Series Presents: Kristie Olson ’21

1.Why did you choose to major in Geography? Coming to college I knew two things, I wanted to help people from a structural level and that I enjoyed science, but I was not good at biology/chem/physics. I knew I was passionate about the environment and people, but that was about it. So, I took some […]

From Ecuadorian Glacier to Football Field: Gustavus Senior Linebacker Adapts

The glacier research of Geography and Geology major Casey Decker (’18) and Prof. Jeff La Frenierre is featured in this KSTP article.

Danielle Yaste (’16): Bringing back wild rice

It was fun to recently hear Gustavus Geography alumnus Danielle Yaste (’16) on Minnesota Public Radio talking about how to scatter wild rice seed in the St. Louis River estuary, near Duluth. Up to 3000 acres of this estuary was once in wild rice, but pollution and industry have depleted wild rice habitat. Danielle, working […]

Terrorism and the state of emergency in France

On July 14, Bastille Day, a national holiday celebrating the French Revolution, a Franco-Tunisian man drove a truck through the crowds killing 84 people and leaving many more wounded. The attack was the third big terrorist attack in France since January 2015. The Islamic State claimed the attack, despite the fact that authorities have found […]

Les Halles and the neoliberal city

In 2004 the city of Paris announced the renovation of Les Halles, an area that until the 1970s served as the main food market of the city. Les Halles gathered farmers and shoppers in the city-center for centuries but in the 70s, the city moved the food market to the suburbs and in its place […]