Student Debt: Where in the U.S. is it Highest and Lowest?

Posted on December 5th, 2013 by

Picture1A recent report by the Institute for College Access and Success provides information on student debt, including data on student debt by state and region. Nationwide, both the amount of student debt and the percentage of students graduating with debt are increasing. In 2013, 71 percent of graduates had debt and the average debt was $29,4000.

Graduates of colleges in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming have lower levels of debt while graduates of colleges in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maine, Minnesota and Ohio hold some of the highest debt. According to the data, Gustavus 2012 graduates left college with less debt than students at most other Minnesota private and public four-year institutions.

Most for-profit colleges, which tend to graduate students with high debt loads,  did not participate in the report’s survey.


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