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Frost depths in Minnesota recorded at up to nearly 8 feet deep

Anyone living in Minnesota right now knows just how cold this winter has been. The Minnesota DNR writes, “The winter of 2013-14 has been the coldest in years. So far the average temperature of Meteorological Winter (December-February 9) is 9.4 degrees. If similar extreme cold continues for the rest of February, the winter of 2013-14 […]

Release of Google Earth-viewable historical global temperature data

Here’s a new data resource that looks great for student research projects, classroom instruction, or simply to play with. The University of East Anglia has released a Google Earth-compatible data set of global temperatures based on 6000 weather stations and reaching as far back as 1850. Find the data here.

How to compost with redworms

When I lived in a small apartment in southern California, I composted my kitchen scraps in a box of red worms. It really works! Check out the informative redworm composting program offered at the Gustavus Arb this Saturday: Composting with Redworms Saturday, December 7th, 10am Linnaeus Arboretum, Gustavus Adolphus College Got worms?    Did you know […]

J-Term Course Explores Wilderness Management Issues

The goal of GEG 151 (Wilderness: Recreation and Resource) was to expand students’ understanding and appreciation of wilderness through an examination of recreational activities and natural resource uses. In particular, the class focused on the human dimensions of recreation and extractive activities including their historical and contemporary context, the agencies and management strategies related to […]

Taking a walking tour of a giant Africa map

The Gustavus Geography Department sponsored the visit of a giant floor map of Africa this week and invited area school children to come and take a walking tour of Africa. The map, which measures 26 feet by 35 feet, was on loan from National Geographic via the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education. With the help […]

Geology and political affiliation

An interesting blog post titled “How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline” is making waves. The Black Belt region of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia corresponds to a band of Cretaceous chalk deposited by a shallow sea over 65 million years ago. This chalk is the parent material for the region’s […]

Lencho Bati to speak at Minnesota State

Those of you who may have missed Prof. Bati’s excellent talk on Ethiopia last week at Gustavus have another chance! Geography Professor Lencho Bati will present “Africa After the Cold War” on Friday, November 9, at 3pm as part of Minnesota State University‘s Geography Department Colloquium (15 Armstrong Hall).

Mapping study abroad patterns

Here’s an interesting website by UNESCO that maps the flows of students studying abroad. Where do most U.S. students go when they study abroad? Do the same countries send their students to study in the U.S.? What about students from Boliva–where do they go to study abroad? Who knew that a large percentage of Uganda’s […]

Geography Department sponsors talk on Ethiopia, human rights, and US policy

The Geography Department at Gustavus is pleased to announce a talk by Visiting Professor and East Africa expert Lencho Bati. The talk, “Human Rights in Ethiopia and U.S. Foreign Policy,” will take place at 3:00 pm on Friday, November 2, in Nobel Hall 105. The talk is free and open to the public.

A Connected World as Seen Through the Eyes of Facebook

The link below connects to an interactive map that allows the user to visualize which countries are most socially connected to other countries through Facebook friends. Try to predict which countries are most socially connected and then click on a country and find out if you are right. The importance of language, historical connections,  migration […]