Two years after the Haiti earthquake

Posted on January 12th, 2012 by

A girl living in a Port-au-Prince displaced persons camp after the 2010 earthquake plays "NGO." According to many in the camps, the helping agencies were often seen gathering information but less frequently providing needed assistance.

Today is the second-year anniversary of the earthquake that killed thousands in Haiti.

Following the earthquake, massive sums of money were promised for reconstruction. Where has that money gone and how has it been used?

Here is one examination of the data by the Guardian.

Only about half of the promised aid has been delivered and less than one percent of the assistance has been channeled through the Haitian government. The government of the Dominican Republic, in fact, has received more financial help for the Haitian earthquake than the Haitian government itself (Paul Farmer. 2011. Haiti After the Earthquake. PublicAffairs, New York, NY. page 105).

Haitian companies were awarded only 23 out of 1,490 reconstruction contracts by the US government while contractors from the Washington area were awarded nearly 40 percent of the US government aid.


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