Warmest early January in MN history

Posted on January 13th, 2012 by

“It was far and away the warmest first 10 days of January ever measured in Minnesota history, averaging over 20 degrees F above normal statewide (27.2 F versus a normal of 7.1 F)” writes Mark Seeley of the University of Minnesota Extension. On January 10, temperatures above 60 F were reported in Saint Peter! High temperature records were set all over the state.

Snowmobilers and skiers should not give up all hope of snow, however. “We will definitely see more frequent chances for snowfall during the second half of January, ” according to Seeley. “Back in 1982, the Twin Cities recorded over 42 inches of snow during the second half of January, producing a nice 20-25 inch snow base for skiers.”

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