Quirk Becker assists Minneapolis neighborhood organization Posted on March 6th, 2013 by

MirandaQuirkBeckerGustavus Geography major Miranda Quirk Becker recently completed an internship with the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization in south Minneapolis.

During January 2013, Miranda undertook a project to study the the spatial distribution of conditions and rents of multifamily housing in the neighborhood. Miranda was responsible for creating high quality maps and data tables describing and analyzing these issues.

According to the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, the results of Miranda’s work “will be invaluable to our organization as we embark on a multiyear effort to build the capacity of multifamily housing tenants to improve their present and future housing outcomes. The products will also help us make the case that landlords and the City of Minneapolis need to invest more resources and energy into the multifamily housing stock for the benefit of the city and its residents.”


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