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Emery Ellingson ('12) presents his honors thesis on Minnesota's ethanol production and its impact on conservation reserve lands.

Emery Ellingson (’12) presents his honors thesis on Minnesota’s ethanol production and its impact on conservation reserve lands.

Thirteen Geography majors at will take part in this year’s Celebration of Creative Inquiry. Come check out their research and show your support!

What: Celebration of Creative Inquiry

When: 5-7pm on Friday, May 3

Where: Gustavus Campus Center

Research posters by:

Brian Zabel: Spatial Analysis of Viable Locations for Future Construction of Cabela’s Retail Stores
Elsa Bell: Personal, Social and Environmental Benefits of Urban Gardening
Teige Cudahy: Are We Happy Here? A Proposed Study of Sense of Place and Subjective Wellbeing
Kristin Moen: The Effect of Work-Life Balance on Life Satisfaction: A Comparison of Denmark and the United States
Matt Bye: Parishes without Borders: Congregational Geography in Minneapolis & St. Paul
Tim LaBombard: Land Use Change Due to Mississippi River Flooding in Southern Minnesota
Miranda Quirk Becker: Lessons on Sustainable Urban Living for St. Paul, Minnesota, from Christchurch, New Zealand
Nathan Dexter: Language in Flux: Sami and Meänkieli Languages in Northern Sweden
Lauren Anderson: Somali Immigrant Relations In A Rural Midwestern Town
Zachary Stackhouse: HIV/AIDS in Urban South Africa
Jasmine Porter: Garden-Based Learning Curriculum in K-12 Education
Bennett Thrash: East Africa Immigrant Assimilation in Minnesota
Chris Masad: The Roman Theater as an Empirical Tool (Classics Department)

and many other students from across campus.

Here are photos from last year’s CCI.


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