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By Mitch Nelson (’14), Geography and Economics Major

Join in a welcome for the new Visiting Assistant Geography Professor, Dr. Joaquín Villanueva.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Villanueva achieved his B.A. in French and Italian with a minor in Geography from the University of Puerto Rico.  During his time at the University of Puerto Rico, Joaquín spent a semester in France to further explore his language interest.  It was there that Dr. Villanueva’s passion for geography sparked.  Interested in the assimilation of immigrant minority groups into public spaces of France, Joaquín enrolled at Syracuse University of Syracuse, New York. There he studied the geographical politics of public space in Paris and obtained his M.A. degree in Geography in 2005. Dr. Villanueva then continued his education at Syracuse in the Geography Department for his Ph.D.  He studied the fields of political, urban, and penal geographies to closer examine the contemporary crime-control policies implemented in immigrant neighborhoods on the outskirts of Paris.  Dr. Villanueva completed his Doctoral work in 2012.

Prior to teaching at Gustavus, Dr. Villanueva was a Geography lecturer at Fairleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey, a liberal arts college similar in size to Gustavus.  For the 2013-2014 academic school year, Dr. Villanueva will be teaching Introduction to Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Urban Geography, and a Sports Geography class for January Term.  Dr. Villanueva also hopes to teach a new class focusing on the geography of peace, crime, and violence for the spring semester.

So far, Dr. Villanueva loves Gustavus.  In his short time here, he already recognizes that the quality of students at Gustavus is excellent, and is very excited to be a part of the Gustavus experience through the Geography Department.  Enjoying life at his new home in St. Peter, Joaquín likes sports in general but especially soccer, basketball, tennis, and running.  Joaquín also enjoys traveling.

Welcome to Gustavus Professor Villanueva! Thank you for joining the Gustavus community and making a great addition to the Gustavus faculty.


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