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Internship at dairy spurs interest in agriculture

During January, Junior Geography major Carlie Hedlund conducted an internship at the New Sweden Dairy, one of three Davis Family Dairies in Nicollet County, MN. Together, the dairies manage over 20,000 cows and calves and daily produce 570,000 gallons of milk that is made into 70,000 pounds of cheese. “I think a lot of people […]

China signs deal to farm 5% of Ukraine

Earlier this year, China signed a deal that will allow China to lease and farm 3 million hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine, or five percent of Ukraine. With fertile plains and a climate similar to the wheat-growing regions of Manitoba, Ukraine is one of the world’s top grain-producing countries. According to Mandy Zuo of […]

Wasted Opportunity: Inefficiency and Waste in our Food Systems

Jonathan Foley, Director of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, has a recent essay on meeting food needs in a world of growing human population. It is titled “Wasted Opportunity.” Here’s an excerpt (bold font added): “It never fails. Whenever we talk about meeting the world’s growing demands for food, energy and water, […]

Lectures on agriculture and climate change at U of MN this week

The University of Minnesota’s Larson Allmaras Lecture Eleventh Annual William E. Larson and Raymond R. Allmaras Emerging Issues in Soil and Water Lectures and Departmental Centennial Celebration “Global Climate Change and Agriculture” Dr. Ron Follett, Research Leader Soil-Plant-Nutrient Research Unit USDA-ARS Fort Collins, CO and “Nitrate Losses in the Tile Drained Cornbelt: Why are Reductions […]